After completing the payroll policy, pay items and salary data settings, you can start the pay run calculation.

Pay run calculation is the process of calculating actual salary, MPF contributions and other data based on the formulas that are set.

This article uses monthly salary with once-a-month payment as an example to illustrate how the system performs salary calculation.

Step 1

Click [Payroll] > [Pay Run] > [+ New] to start the pay run calculation

Step 2

Select [Payroll policy], and the system will automatically fill in the data of pay period, pay cycle and frequency, you just need to enter the pay day then click [Calculate]. The system will then display the progress of calculation.


The current pay run calculation [Pay Period] and [Frequency] are automatically filled in according to the [Payroll policy] settings, if they do not match your actual situation:

  • If it is the first time to calculate the pay run, you need to check whether the start date is set correctly in the [Payroll policy]

  • If the salary has been calculated before, you need to check whether the previous pay cycle has been closed

Step 3

After the calculation is completed, the results will be displayed, including basic employee information, net pay, relevant income and employee mandatory contributions.

By default, the employee list displays the employees who were employed before the end of the pay cycle under the payroll policy, and will not display:

  • Employees who have resigned before the cycle start date

  • Employees who have been set up as unpaid in the employee profile

  • Employees added to the system after pay run calculation

If there is an employee who needs to be paid that is not displayed in the list, you can click [Add] to add the employee. If there is an employee who does not need to participate in pay run calculation for the time being, you can click [Delete] to delete the employee from the list.


If a red triangle icon is displayed beside the [View] button, it means that this employee is not registered with an MPF plan. You can find employees who have not registered with an MPF plan in [Benefit] > [MPF File] and make relevant settings.

If you want to check the employee's pay run details, you can click [View], and the pop-up page will display the employee's current period pay run details

By default, only pay items with values are displayed. If you want to view all items, you can check [Show All]. If the data of a pay item does not match the actual situation, you can press [Edit] to modify

If you want to check the employee’s MPF contribution details, you can click [MPF] and the pop-up form will display the employee’s MPF contribution details for the current period

After completing the above operations, a record will be inserted in the [Draft/Pending Approval] status of the pay run list, indicating that the pay run calculation is completed. You can check/modify the pay run calculation. After confirming that it is correct, the pay run can be approved and paid.

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