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How to calculate ADW for daily rate and hourly rate employees?
How to calculate ADW for daily rate and hourly rate employees?

The article details the calculation of ADW for daily and hourly employees.

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Step 1

"Payroll" > "Settings" > "Average Daily Wage (ADW)" > "Settings"

Step 2

Edit ADW Income Settings

Step 3

"Payroll" > "Settings" > "Pay Items" > "Settings"

Find ADW Income Current Month & ADW Worked Days Current Month, click Formula

The current built-in formulas of these two Pay items in the Workstem are only applicable to monthly rate employees. If they are daily/hourly rate employees, the built-in formulas in the system need to be modified.

The ADW Income Current Month of daily/hourly rate employees is calculated based on the employee's actual basic salary per month; similarly, the ADW Work Days Current Month is not calculated based on the calculation days set by the system's ADW, but based on the employee's Actual attendance days/actual attendance hours.

Here is the modified formula for your reference:

ADW Working Days Current Month:

var a = GetEmployeeInfo('calculateSalaryType')

if ( a == '1' ) {

value = CountAttendStatusByDay('shiftLabor','1-99999')


else {

value = PayRunPeriodInSerWorkDays()


Note that if the company has employees with monthly, daily and hourly rate at the same time, then it is necessary to add an if judgment statement.

After setting the formula, select "Verify Formula", and "Save" after the verification is successful.

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