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一、What are the built-in compensation items in workstem?

1.BasicSalary(Get basic pay)

2.TotalWorkingDaysOrHours(Gets the total number of days/hours worked)

3.ADWIncomeCurrentMonth(Revenue booked to ADW for the month )

4.ADWWorkedDaysCurrentMonth(Hours of work credited to ADW during the month )

5.AverageDailyRate(Average daily wage)

6. MonthlyDailyRate(Average daily wage for the month)

7.ActualBasicSalary(Actual basic wage )

8.Commission(Commission )

9.IncentiveBonus(Incentive bonus)

10. TelephoneAllowance(TelephoneAllowance)

11. RentAllowance(RentAllowance)

12. OTAllowance(Overtime allowance)

13. TransportationAllowance(TransportationAllowance)

14. NoPayLeaveDays(Time off without pay)

15. NoPaidLeaveDeduction(Unpaid leave deduction)

16. SickLeaveDays(Length of sick leave)

17. SickLeaveDeduction(Sick leave deduction)

18. SickLeaveConsecutive4Days(Duration of continuous sick leave)

19. PaySickLeaveDeduction(Paid sick leave deduction)

20.PaySickLeaveAddition(Paid sick leave income)

21. MarriageLeaveDays(Length of marriage leave)

22. MaternityLeaveAddition(Income from maternity leave)

23. MaternityLeaveDeduction(Maternity leave Deduction)

24. PaternityLeaveDays(Length of paternity leave)

25. PaternityLeaveAddition(Paternity leave income)

26. FullPaidSlDays(Length of sick leave with full pay)

27. PaternityLeaveDeduction(Paternity leave deduction)

28. PaidMaternityLeaveDays(Length of paid maternity leave)

29. AnnualLeaveDays(Length of annual leave)

30. CompensationLeaveDays(Length of supplementary leave)

31. ALBalanceDays(Balance of annual leave)

32. WorkInjuryLeaveDays(Length of injury leave)

33. StandardWorkingHours(Number of hours of attendance required)

34. OT(Overtime pay)

二、How to modify the built-in formulas?

  1. Payroll-> Settings menu Click on the blue "Settings" below the pay items

  2. Click the blue "Formula" button corresponding to the built-in compensation item you want to modify

  3. Modify the compensation formula

  4. After formula verification, click "Save"

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