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Pay run logic

How to set pay items by yourself?

Step 1 Click [Payroll] > [Settings] > [Pay Items], you can add customised pay items here accrding to your needs

Step 2 The systen has default pay items, you can click [+New] here

Step 3 Fill in the basic information and save

1. Name: can be customised

2.Formula Alias: after filling in the name, the system will automatically fill in the formula alias, but the space needs deleting

3.Decimal Place and Rounding Rules can be customised

4.Pay Type: choose income/deduction/others

  • Income: Items whose amount is directly counted into wages, such as commissions, bonuses, etc.

  • Deduction: Amounts deducted directly from wages, such as unpaid leave deductions, MPF contributions, etc.

  • Others: Items used to calculate wages, such as days worked, days of unpaid leave, etc.

5.Restricted pay rules: choose the corresponding payroll policy

Step 4 Set whether the pay item be counted into tax, MPF and ADW addition

Step 5 Add calculation formula here, which can be validaed, and then save

Step 6 Check the pay item is right or not

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