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Allowances, bonuses, etc. are all pay items.

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Step 1

Click [Payroll] > [Settings] > click the [Settings] of pay items, then according to your company’s pay run, to customize pay items.

Note:Pay items can be added unlimitedly.

Step 2

You can see the existing pay items in the pay item list, click the blue button [+New] in the upper right corner to add a new pay item.

Step 3

Formula Alias: automatically generated according to the Name, but without spaces

Pay Type: to select pay items belonging to [Income] /[Deduction]/[Others] during the pay run.

Restricted Pay Rules: select whether the pay item is only applicable to some payroll policies, the system defaults to [No], that is, the pay item will be applied to all policies

Only the following salary rules are available: it can be filled when the restricted payroll policy is [Yes], which is used to specify that the pay item is only applied to a certain payroll policy.

Step 4

Please click the corresponding link to view the operation details of the three settings.

Step 5

The formula setting is the same as that of excel, according to your company's pat run method, to add a new calculation formula (not required).

Step 6

To check your settings.

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