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Monthly Salary - How to Add Pay Items
Monthly Salary - How to Add Pay Items
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Payroll Calculation is based on different pay items, in short:

Net Income = Actual Basic Salary + Allowance + Commission

The above four are all pay items. The system has preloaded more than 40 pay items, which can meet common payroll calculation needs. You can first check whether the pay items you need are included in the list.

If you need to add a new Pay Item, you can follow the steps below:

Step 1

Click [Payroll] > [Settings] > click the [Settings] of pay items

Step 2

You can see the existing pay items in the pay item list, click the blue button [+New] in the upper right corner to add a new pay item.

Tip: You can also press the [Edit] button to modify an existing item.

Step 3

Set the basic information of the pay item and click [Save]

Name: customizable for easy identification, supports both Chinese and English

Formula Alias: automatically generated according to the Name, but without spaces

Decimal Place: Generally set to 2, which means the Pay Item will be calculated to 2 decimal places

Rounding Rules: Generally set to round off

Pay Types:

  • Income: items that are directly included in the total income, such as commissions, bonuses, etc.

  • Deduction: the amount is directly deducted from the total income, such as unpaid leave deduction, MPF contribution, etc.

  • Others: items used to calculate income or deductions, such as working days, days of unpaid leave, etc.

Custom project category: not required, for easier categorization only

Restricted Pay Rules: select whether the pay item is only applicable to some payroll policies, the system defaults to [No], that is, the pay item will be applied to all policies

Only the following salary rules are available: it can be filled when the restricted payroll policy is [Yes], which is used to specify that the pay item is only applied to a certain payroll policy.

Step 4

It is used to set the Income settings of the pay item. Because the setting is more complicated, it is recommended to skip this step first, and then set it separately under the corresponding module after the item is successfully added.

Step 5

If the pay item you added can be calculated through a formula, you can set the calculation formula in the formula settings, otherwise, you don't need to set it, just press [Next].

Step 6

Review and confirm the settings, and then press the blue [Finish] button at the top right to complete the pay item settings.

After the pay item is set, we can start adding payroll data.

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