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How to Check the Wrong Formula?
How to Check the Wrong Formula?

There may be errors when setting the formula, how to check?

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Two common errors (formula alias changed, process orders do not calculated)

Situation 1 When clients use a payroll module, and set the formula in 「Pay Item」, if the formula alias changes, then the formula is invalid.

Step 1 Set pay item, save it and enter the formula interface


Name: customizable for easy identification, supports both Chinese and English

Formula Alias: SickLeaveConsecutive4Days

Decimal Place: Generally set to 2, which means the Pay Item will be calculated to 2 decimal places

Rounding Rules: Generally set to round off

If the formula is correct, it will be valid; if the formula is incorrect, an error reminder will appear

Step 2 According to「Reminder」to do the corresponding modification, to make sure the formula is valid.

Situation 2 If the formula is valid, but the data of pay run in pay items is still zero, and not processed according to formula. Generally speaking, this situation happens when clients cite other pay items in setting formulas. But the cited pay item lines after the ongoing calculated pay item in the 「Pay Item Sort Details」, which lead to the fail cite, and can’t calculate the result.


「Leave for Personal Affairs Deduction」is calculated by 「Leave for Personal Affairs Days」and 「Average Daily Pay」, then in the pay item sort details the 「Leave for Personal Affairs Days」and 「Average Daily Pay」should before the 「Leave for Personal Affairs Deduction」. You can do as follows:

Step 1 Click 「Payroll」 > 「Setting」 > 「Pay Items」, enter the pay items list interface.

Step 2 Click the「Sort Order」on the top right corner, enter the pay item sort details interface.

Step 3 Choose the item name which needed to adjust, such as 「No Pay Leave Deduction」, drag it after「No Pay Leave Days」and 「Average Daily Rate」in an arbitrary place. When finished, click「Save」.

Step 4 Run again payroll then it can calculate the amount

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