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Workstem provides 4 reports related to tax declaration:

  1. IR56B: Completion of salary and pension tax returns, applicable to employees who are still employed on March 31;

  2. IR56F: Notification of the employee will cease employment;

  3. IR56E: Notification of Start of Employment of New Employees;

  4. IR56G: Notification of the employee will leave Hong Kong.

Before using these four tax returns, you need to set the income. This article uses the IR56B form as an example to introduce how to operate.

Step 1

Open [Tax] > [Settings] and click the [Edit] button in the upper right corner of the [IR56B] tax form.

Step 2

Under the income rules on the [IR56B Details] page, click [Salary/Wage], select specific salary items from [Income Additions] and [Income Deductions] on the right, and click [Save].

Income Additions: select the salary items that need to be accumulated to the [Salary/Wages] tax declaration, such as ActualBasicSalary, Backpay, etc.

Income deduction: select the salary item that needs to be deducted from [Salary/Wages], such as Sick Leave Deduction, etc.

Step 3

Follow the above steps to set the income additions and income deductions of each tax item one by one. You need to click [Save] for each item you set.

Step 4

If there are additional allowances or bonus salaries, you can click the edit name after the K1, K2, K3 column, modify it to the actual project name and press [Save], and then set the [Income Additions] and [Income Deductions], finally clicking [Save].

After completing the above steps, the income details of each tax declaration item of the IR56B are set up, and the IR56E, IR56F and IR56G reports can also be operated according to the above steps. Next, we can perform tax calculations and generate the tax report.

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