In Tax - Calculation, you can choose the tax form and cycle, and system will generate the form based on employee's information, including number of people and total income.

The salary data of the tax return comes from the pay run calculation. Before the tax return calculation, make sure that the pay run data for the month has been calculated.

Step 1

Go to Tax > Calculation > +New

Step 2

Select the tax form(IR56B/IR56F/IR56E/IR56G) and cycle to calculate

After clicking on OK you will see the draft


  • If the report type is IR56B, the period can be selected by year

  • If IR56E, IR56F, or IR56G is selected as the report type, the period can be selected on a monthly basis

Step 3

After selecting the report type and period, click [OK], and the system can perform tax reporting.

After the calculation is completed, a record will be inserted into the draft list

Click [View] to view the detailed data of the employee's tax report, including the employee's name, staff ID, provided housing, total income, join date and termination date, etc.

You can perform the calculation of the tax form through the above steps. If the tax income data is incorrect, you can refer to How to Delete/Close Report?

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