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IR56G Tax Return- Settings and Notes
IR56G Tax Return- Settings and Notes

Workstem provides tax forms in IR56G format. How to use them?

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Enterprise M needs to declare dutiable goods through Workstem, here are main notes:

Which scenario is R56G suitable for?

Notice of employee's departure from Hong Kong to be submitted one month before the departure of the employee (the employer shall not pay any money to the employee within one month after the submission of this form to the tax authority)

Notice ⚠️ :

A staff member resigned from the company on April 30, 2021 and will leave Hong Kong on May 5. What should the company pay attention to?

1. The company must submit two completed copies (IR56G form or electronic tax filing by the employer) for the employee on or before April 5, 2021.

2. Except for filling in the IR56G form, the company shall not pay any salary or payment (including salary, commission, etc., whether it is money or its equivalent) to the employee within 1 month from the date of submitting the IR56G form.

3. The company must send a copy of the completed IR56G form to the staff member for reference.

4. The company must remind the staff member to contact the tax bureau for tax clearance procedures before leaving Hong Kong.

5. If the company has already filled in the IR56G form for the employee, there is no need to submit the IR56B form for him again for that year. Because filling in two different IR56 series for the same income may result in double taxation of the same income.

Special reminder: IR56G tax form applies to the types of employees employed: the system does not include "employment type" as contract or virtual employee.

Tax filing steps:

Step 1

Enter [Tax]> [Settings]> [Enable]> [Edit].

Step 2

Enter the IR56G Details, in the Income details, Income Additions and Income Deductions of each a,b,c,d....item should be set according to your actual situation > [Save].

Notice ⚠️ :

Before the calculation, make sure if employees' files are complete. Just click [File] , you can view all employees that need tax declaration.

Check if employees' files are complete:

Click [View], enter File Details and click [Edit]. You need to fill in all Personal Information ( Chinese Name, Join Date, Position, English Last Name, English First Name, HKID, Passport No., Passport Place of Issue, Sex, Marital Status, Residential Address, Region Code (required), Name of the principal employer, Tax Identity, Other Income Name), after inputing all information, click [Save].

Besides, you should also check the Basic Information in [Company], [System Display Name] , [BR Name], [BR No.], [Phone Number], [Email Address], [Company Address]. Check Employer's Return Form Info see if you input correct [Full Name of Signer] , [Designation], [Employer's File No.] and click [Save].

Step 3

Enter [Calculation] > [New] > select [Tax Form Type] to IR56G and its [Period] > [Confirm].

Step 4

Click [View ], you can view the Tax Report Details and [Recalculate], [Add], [Delete]or [Close]it.

Step 5

[Edit ]or[ Delete] employee's information, click [Edit] to edit employees' Basic Information, Income Details, Residential Address Details and Other Details.

Notice ⚠️:

When editing Staff Information, the grey field cannot be changed. If you need to change, you can enter [People]to complete this staff's information through filtering.

In addition, if you manually change the Amount in Income Details and click [Save], you should click [Lock] so that the correct amount will be carried when making [Recalculation].

Step 6

Download Tax Report. Enter [Report] > choose IR56G report > [Download]( PDF forms are available for employees to view, and XML forms are available for tax returns to be uploaded to eTAX), select proper [Cycle] and [Form Category]> [OK]. In [Form Category], the system provides 4 categories: Original ( no subjects modified or added), Replacement ( modify some subjects) , Additional ( add some subjects), Supplementary ( supplement relevant subjects).

Note ⚠️: Please provide Employer's File No. / Business Registration No. and Name of the User(s) before uploading using e-Tax.

Workstem will assist to apply to use IR56 Forms Preparation Tool of Self-developed Software and will inform you after the IRD approves it.

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