When filing a tax return for an employee, there will be detailed information on the tax report. Where can I view or modify it?

It can be modified in the Tax file and Tax Report Details:

1.Tax File: only basic information and spouse information of employees can be maintained;

2.Tax Report Details: employee's residential information and other information can be maintained.

Tax File

Go to Tax > File > Double click the selected employee.

Click[View] and you can view or edit employee's basic information and spouse information.

The gray field that cannot be edited obtains the data of Staff Information. You need to modify it in [People].

Tax Report Details

Go to Tax > Calculation and click [View], choose the selected employee and click[Edit].

You can modify employees’ Basic Information, Income Details, Residential Address Details and Other Details in this page.

Basic Information

Employees’ basic information and spouse information can be maintained, and you can modify the grey field in Staff Information.

Contents of Basic Information in Tax Report Details and Tax File are the same, but they are different in:

  • Basic Information and Spouse Information in Tax File will be automatically carried into tax calculation;

  • Basic Information and Spouse Information in Tax Report Details will not be updated in employee’s Tax File.

Income Details

You can edit the income amount in this page, and click [Save] when you input the correct amount.

If the amount column is gray and cannot be edited, it may be locked, you need to click[Unlock] in the upper right corner.

Residential Address Details

You can edit your residential information that is provided to the company here.

Other Details

You can edit whether the employee was wholly or partly paid either in Hong Kong or elsewhere by a non-Hong Kong company.

If choosing yes, you need to add company’s information.


Information in tax report details is only valid in current tax calculation. If the employee has many tax report records, each record needs to be modified separately.

For Example:

Employee’s modified residential and other information in IR56B Tax Report Details 2019 will not be updated in IR56B Tax Report Details 2020. Also, his modified information in IR56B will not be updated in IR56F.

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