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Download Tax Reports

Select the export format and can file your tax return to IRD directly.

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After completing the calculation of the tax form and confirming that the tax declaration data is correct, you can download the tax form.

Step 1

Click [Tax] > [Reports], select the report and click on Download.

Step 2

The system will pop up the [Download] dialog box, select the format and cycle and click the [OK] button to download the tax form.


  • Format can choose PDF or XML;

  • If you want to download the tax return information of a certain type of employee separately, you can select it in the department, position, employee, status, and employment type, otherwise, it will download all the tax returns of the employees by default;

  • The downloaded tax form is named [Tax form name] + [Download date] by default.

Note ⚠️: Please provide Employer's File No. / Business Registration No. and Name of the User(s) before uploading using e-Tax.

Workstem will assist to apply to use IR56 Forms Preparation Tool of Self-developed Software and will inform you after the IRD approves it.

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