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In Hong Kong, employers are required to file IR56 form(s) with the Inland Revenue Department for their employees. Workstem is now approved by IRD and supports the automatic generation and export of IR56 form(s) for employers to submit directly to IRD. So, what are the precautions?

Step 1

Please email "Employer's File No. / Business Registration No." and "Name of Company" to cs@workstem.com.

Step 2

Workstem will send the relevant information you provide to IRD to assist you in the "Application for Extension of Approval" of "Preparation of IR56 Form(s) by Using Employer's Self-developed Software". Workstem will inform you by email upon receipt of IRD's approval.

Step 3

Log in to Workstem, select [Tax] > [Reports], find the corresponding IR56 form(s), and click "Download"

Step 4

Select "XML" as Export Format, and the corresponding Department, Position, Employee, Employment Status, Employment Type, Cycle, and Form category are selected as required.

Note: IR56B and IR56F are in XML/PDF format, while IR56E and IR56G are in PDF format only.

Step 5

After report downloading, log in to eTAX and upload. (Please make sure you have registered an e-Tax account before uploading.)


  • Workstem IR56B Format Approval Letter From IRD.

  • Workstem IR56E-56G Format Approval Letter From IRD.

  • Workstem IR56F Format Approval Letter From IRD.

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