After completing all the company-related information, the next step will be to invite your employees to use the system.

There are 2 methods of adding employees into Workstem and you can choose based on the number of employees you need to add.

1. Add Employees Individually

  • If you want to add 1-2 employees to test out the system

  • If your company headcount is around 5-15 persons

We recommend you to add the employees one-by-one and complete their profiles in one go.

2. Bulk Import Employees

  • If your company headcount is more than 15 persons, we recommend you to use our bulk upload template to import employees into the system.

Note ⚠️ :

If you're uploading employees for the first time and have not set up certain leave and payroll related policies, you will not be able to include them in the bulk import. You have to manually edit the employee information after you set up those policies.

If you've decided to use Bulk Import to add employees, please refer to this guide:

After learning about these 2 methods of adding employees, you can decide which one suits you the most and start adding employees! 😉

After you add your employees, don't forget to remind them to download the Staff App.

You can share the following guide with your employees to inform them what to do next: Download Staff App.

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