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Customize User Field

Workstem provides Customize user field. When filling in the information for employees, the system does not provide corresponding field information, so the employers can set the required field information through it.

Next, we will introduce the “Customize user field” in detail:

Step 1: Go to "Customize User Field" page

“Settings” --> “Customize user field” --> “New”

Step 2: Add Customize text/date

Click "New" to enter the "New-Customize user field" page. You need to select "Field Type" (date/text), fill in "Project Name", "Formula Alias", and select "Built-in dictionary". (only for the field type as "Text "Format)


“Built-in dictionary" is mainly used for the Field Type in the "text" format. In addition, you need to enter "Dictionary" in "Settings" --> "Data Dictionary" --> "Details", and "Data Dictionary" needs to New a "Details" information ", and the corresponding option value after the Name.

Step 3: Add customized content to the Employee

"People" --> "Customize" --> "Edit" After filling in the content --> "Save", click "Settings" to enter the "Customize user field" page, and you can "Edit"/"New" it again.

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