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You can invite different people or employees to have custom access rights and help you manage your account.

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After successful registration, you will be the default admin of the company account. You can see this information under "Company" --> "Company" --> "Users".

On the "Users" page, you can invite more people or employees to help you with the account management through add "New".

The people you invite to help you with the account management can be:

  1. Company administrative personnel;

  2. HR manager(s);

  3. Finance personnel;

  4. If you are not the boss / business owner, you can also invite them to use the system;

  5. External correspondents that help you manage your business, including but not limited to:

    • If you outsource certain business processes, you can invite your service vendors to use the system;

    • If you need any support, you can invite our CS team for help (

What if you want to give limited access rights to different users?

Easy! You can set through editing the eligible users and grant corresponding access rights you want for them.

You can add system users at any time. It will not affect how you use the Workstem system on a daily basis. If you want to add system users now, you can follow this guide <How to Invite Others to Manage System?>.

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