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How to Invite Others to Manage System?
How to Invite Others to Manage System?

Users with different access rights can help you more efficiently manage your account and employees

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Invite others to co-manage the system and Increase department work efficiency

System users refer to users who have access to use the web portal or "backend" of your HR system. They can be the HR, supervisor, department manager, etc. You can set different access rights for different system users.

Note ⚠️

There is no additional charge for the role of the system user, and there is also no limit to the number of system users you can add.

2 Kinds of Users Can Be Added to Workstem

  • Employees (Internal staff)

  • Non-employees (External users/Partners/Outsourced service providers)

How to Give Admin Rights to an Internal Employee / External User:

Step 1 Enter "User" page for adding new users

Go to [Company] --> [Users] --> [New]

Step 2 Identify the new users (An Internal Staff or A External User)

"Is he/she an existing employee?"

Internal Staff

If the new admin user is an internal employee, select [Yes] --> choose the employee (when an employee is selected, the system will auto-fill in the employee's phone number and email) --> click [Continue].

External users

If the new user is not an internal employee, select [No] --> enter name (required), email (required) and phone number (optional) --> click [Continue].

Step 3 Give relevant access rights to new user

Set Access Rights: Tick ☑️ (multiple selections are available) and click [Save and invite] or [Save]

  • Save and invite: After the user successfully verifies his/her email, he/she can immediately gain access to the backend.

  • Save: Save the access right information without sending out email, he/she can gain access to the backend.

Step 4 User Email Verification and Log In

After selecting access rights, clicking [Save and invite], the user will receive an invitation email. Please click on the blue link "Click here to verify email". After clicking the link, their admin access rights should be automatically granted and they can then access the system.

All newly added system users need to verify their email addresses with the above steps. After successfully verifying their email address, the email address will turn blue and become clickable.

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