Workstem supports the Autopay report function, which can be directly uploaded to the Bank of Standard Chartered system for payout, effectively reducing the manual operation. This article introduces how to operate in detail.

If you are using Standard Chartered Bank for autopay, please follow the steps below.

Step One:

Enter the 「Company」module, and the Bank of Standard Chartered Code is 003.

Note: The autopay currently provided by the system only supports Standard Chartered Online Banking account IDs beginning with GHK/8HK. For details on how to check the Standard Chartered Online Banking account ID, please refer to Payroll Transaction Manual _NON_CPRS.pdf; if it is another Standard Chartered Online Banking account ID beginning , then "Straight2Bank Nextgen Payroll.xls" is used as a conversion tool to generate autopay files.

Step Two:

Enter the 「People」module and fill in the Branch code and Account the Bank information of the employee.

Step Three:

Click on「People」 > 「Employed」 >「View」 > 「Employment & Salary Information」to fill in the corresponding bank account information.

Note:(Please refer to the appendix for details of Bank Code, Bank Branch Code, and Bank Account No.)

Step Four:

Click on「Payroll」 > 「Reports」> 「Autopay」 to download the report.

Step 5

After downloading, you can open it by excel. The details is as below picture:

Note:The client with SC A/C number 4070****354 is 9HK type, which has two options to generate an autopay bank file:

a. To use “Straight2Bank Nextgen Payroll.xls” as a tool to generate a “TXT” file manually, but each “TXT” file with 50 head counts cap;

b. To use APsoft to generate “TXT” autopay files, and SC bank won’t provide SPEC to any other payroll software to generate the “TXT” file.

Appendix: (The below information only for your reference, if it is from other banks, you can call the bank for consultation)

Appendix:(The following content is only for reference, for other banks, you can call the corrspponding bank for consultation)

  • HSBC Bank Code:004

  • Example diagram branch code: 123

  • Example diagram Account number: 456789001 (9 digits)

  • Hang Seng Bank Code: 024

  • Example diagram branch code: 371

  • Example diagram Account No. : 333336668 (9 digits)

  • Bank of East Asia Code: 015

  • Example diagram Branch code: 150

  • Example diagram Account number: 88999999 (8 digits)

  • Bank of China (Hong Kong) code: 012

  • Example diagram branch code: 807

  • Example diagram Account number: 10000000 (8-digit number)

Please Check the bank statement for the Account Information of Standard Chartered Bank.

  • Standard Chartered Bank Code: 003

  • Example diagram branch code: 401

  • Example diagram Account number: 81234561 (8 digits)

  • DBS Bank Code: 185

  • Example diagram branch code: 386

  • Account number: 001234567 (9 digits)

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