Step 1

If you use "Bank of China (Hong Kong)" for Autopay, please confirm that the "Bank Info" of "Company" has been completed.

Step 2

Click [Payroll] > [Reports] > [Autopay] > [Download].

Step 3

Set "Export Format" to [DAT], and select "Payroll plan" and "Payday" as required. "Payment code" is not mandatory.

Step 4

Enter Bank of China (Hong Kong) iGTB online banking platform, select [Payment] >[Payroll] > [Online Input].

Step 5

Choose file type, and click [Payroll (For "Hong Kong, China" debit account)] for Transaction Type.

Step 6

Select [Import File] in Method > [Click Here to Upload], import the Autopay file, and click [Confirm].

* Only support ".DAT" file extension.

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