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Notes for Development Bank of Singapore Autopay Users
Notes for Development Bank of Singapore Autopay Users

Workstem supports the Autopay report function which can be directly uploaded to the Development Bank of Singapore system.

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Workstem supports the Autopay report function, which can be directly uploaded to Development Bank of Singapore system for payout effectively reduce the manual operation. This article introduces how to operate in details.

Step One:

Enter the homepage of "Company" module, Development Bank of Singapore Code: 185

Step Two:

Enter "Employee" and fill in the Branch code and Account in the Bank information of the Employee.

Step Three:

Enter "People" > "Employed" > "View" > "Employment & Salary Information" fill in the corresponding bank account information.

Note: Development Bank of Singapore only needs to fill in the corresponding Bank Branch Code and Bank Account No into the corresponding boxes. (Please refer to the appendix for details of Bank Code, Bank Branch Code, and Bank Account No)

Step Four:

Enter "Payroll" > "Reports" > "Autopay" and download the report.

Appendix:(The following content is only for reference, for other banks, you can call the corrspponding bank for consultation)

  • HSBC Bank Code:004

  • Example diagram branch code: 123

  • Example diagram Account number: 456789001 (9 digits)

  • Hang Seng Bank Code: 024

  • Example diagram branch code: 371

  • Example diagram Account No. : 333336668 (9 digits)

  • Bank of East Asia Code: 015

  • Example diagram Branch code: 150

  • Example diagram Account number: 88999999 (8 digits)

  • Bank of China (Hong Kong) code: 012

  • Example diagram branch code: 807

  • Example diagram Account number: 10000000 (8-digit number)

Please Check the bank statement for the Account Information of Standard Chartered Bank.

  • Standard Chartered Bank Code: 003

  • Example diagram branch code: 401

  • Example diagram Account number: 81234561 (8 digits)

  • DBS Bank Code: 185

  • Example diagram branch code: 386

  • Account number: 001234567 (9 digits)

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