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The Workstem system provides the Autopay report function, which can be directly uploaded to the HSBC system and decrease manual operation. This article will introduce how to operate.

Step 1: set bank information of the company

The admin logs in Web system, click「Company」 > 「Basic Information」 > 「Bank Info」 , fill in the information, and the Bank Code is「004」

Step 2:set employee’s bank account information

Click 「People」 > 「Staff Information」 > 「Employment & Payroll Information」 > 「Bank Account Information」 > 「Edit」 >, fill in 「Bank Code」「Bank Branch Code」 and 「Bank Account No.」


「Surname(ID card)」「Given Name(ID card)」「HKID/Passport No.」of 「Basic Information」 are necessary items of Autopay, make sure the information is right.

Step 3: set pay day

Choose proper pay day on the Pay Run page, and the date will be the pay date in the Autopay report.

Step 4: download Autopay report

After finishing the above procedures and making sure the data is right, click Payroll Reports Autopay Download to download report of apc format to upload to HSBC

You can choose Export Format and Payroll Plan , and the format can be APC(HSBC Internet Banking), APC(HSBCnet), APC(HSBCnet BIA) or APC(HSBCnet Non BIA).

Note ⚠️: Before uploading, please check whether the employee's bank account information is missing, and whether the employee's salary is zero.

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