There are many fields in the employee file that can be used to filter information, such as gender, position, department, employment type, etc., but there is some information that you need and the system does not include, such as position level (beginner, intermediate, advanced), position type ( Management, technology, service, etc.)

To meet the individual needs, Workstem provides [Tag] functions.

Tags are used to group / filter employees, which can achieve:

  • Customize label content

  • Assign one or more tags to employees

  • Filter employee information through tags

This article explains in details how to use tags.

Step 1

[Company] > press the [New Tag] button on the [Tag] page

Step 2

Enter the code and name in the pop-up window, and click [Save]

Step 3

Double-click the employee in the [People] interface, assign a tag to each employee on the [Note] page and click [Save]

After saving successfully, you can see his tag information on the right side of the employee profile

Step 4

Through the above steps, we have successfully assigned tags to employees. When we look for employees’ schedules, attendance, or leave, we can use [Tag] to filter

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