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How to use Cost Center and Tag?
How to use Cost Center and Tag?

Use cost center and tag smartly.

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Cost Center

You can add cost centers to the employee's employment & payroll information. When downloading reports, you can see the relevant salary cost analysis.

Step 1 Click [Company] > [Cost Center] > [+ New]

Step 2 Add new cost center and save

Step 3 Click [People] > [View], in [Employment & Payroll Information], you can see the employee's cost center, also you can also click [Change] to adjust.

Step 4 Click [Payroll] > [Reports] > [Salary Cost Analysis] to download the relevent report.


There are lots of items in staff information, which can be used for filter, such as gender, position, department, status, etc. However, there're some items that you need, but the system doesn't have, such as position level (primary, intermediate, senior), position type (management, technology, service, etc.). To meet your needs, Workstem supports tag.

Tags can remark the employee's personality, ability, etc., and can also be used for the filtering function of the whole module.

Step 1 Click [Company] > [Tag] > [+ New Tag]

Step 2 Add tag name and save

Step 3 Click [People] > [View], choose tags of this employee in [Notes], aftering saving, tags can be seen in the right column of employee's profile.

Step 4

Workstem supports filter function in different modules, and tags can be used to filter the corresponding employees.

Take the scheduling module as an example: click [Shift] > [Overview], [Filter] in the upper left corner, select a tag, and the system will filter out the employees under this tag for you to facilitate supervisors/HR to schedule.

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