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How to Check the Reporting Line?
How to Check the Reporting Line?

Set and Understand the company's internal reporting relationship

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Set and Understand the company's internal reporting relationship

The system can display the reporting relationship, which can be achieved through [Reporting Line]:

  1. View employee's subordinate relationship

  2. Quickly view employees who have not assigned a manager

Check and Set a Manager (Supervisor) for an Employee

Step 1 Check [Manager] of an Employee

Click into "People" --> "Employment & Payroll Information"

When we add employees, we can designate the employee’s [Manager]

Step 2 Add [Manager] for an Employee

If you did not designate a manager to the employee, you can also add the employee's [Manager] by changing the employee's [Employment & Payroll Information]

Check Reporting Line (Reporting Relationship)

Step 1 Enter the "Reporting Line" Page

To view the reporting line, please go to [Company] --> [Department] --> Click on [Reporting Line].

Step 2 Understanding the reporting relationship, and those employees without a manager

In the reporting line, you can quickly see the employee’s supervisor-subordinate relationship.


By default, the system only displays the top two reporting relationships. If an employee has subordinate employees, the number of subordinates will be displayed in the upper right corner of the employee's name. Click on the number to expand the subordinate employee list.


You can also see the list of employees that has no reporting relationship specified on the right side of the page.


Just click on the upper-level employee to return to view the upper-level reporting relationship


To ensure display performance, the system can only display up to three levels of reporting line

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