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How to Generate Autopay Report?
How to Generate Autopay Report?
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Workstem system supports downloading Autopay reports that are to be uploaded to Online Banking. Uploading the AutoPay report can effectively reduce manual work and increase the efficiency of salary payment.

You can use Workstem Autopay reports to help you pay salary if your company pays employees by bank transfer through the following banks:

  1. HSBC

  2. Bank of China

  3. Standard Chartered Bank

  4. Hang Seng Bank

  5. Development Bank of Singapore

  6. BEA

This article shows you how to generate Autopay reports for bank upload.

Setting Bank Code

Click 「Company」> 「Bank Info」> 「Bank Code」to enter the corresponding bank code. Other information is entered according to your company details .

If you pay employees by bank transfer through the following banks:

  • HSBC: the bank code is 004

  • Bank of China: the bank code is 012

  • Standard Chartered Bank: the bank code is 003

  • Hang Seng Bank: the bank code is 024

  • Development Bank of Singapore: the bank code is 185

  • BEA: the bank code is 015

Entering Bank Account Information of Employee

In order to generate an Autopay report, you need to click 「People」> select an employee to「View」> 「Employment & Payroll Information」> 「Bank Account Information」> 「Edit」

Fill in Bank Code, Bank Branch Code, and Bank Account No. and click 「Save」.

You can download Autopay reports after filling in company and employee bank account information and finishing payroll calculations.

Downloading Autopay Report

After payroll calculation is done, click on 「Reports」>「AutoPay」>「Download」to download Autopay report.

In the pop-up window of Download Autopay report, you need to select Export Format and Payroll Plan in the dropdown menu, respectively.

The Export Format is automatically filled in according to Bank Code and cannot be modified manually.


  • Bank of China: DAT

  • Standard Chartered Bank: CSV

  • Hang Seng Bank: CSV

  • Development Bank of Singapore: TXT

  • BEA: CSV


  • You can select all pay runs in Payroll Plan, including the ones under "pending approval", "pending payment", and "paid" status.

  • The default name of the downloaded Autopay report is「AutoPay_Download Date」.

Report Data Check

You can open the downloaded Autopay report to have a check. The display formats will differ based on the file formats. If there's an error, you can go back to the system and modify the information accordingly, before generating the report again.

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