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How to Create Org Chart of Your Company?
How to Create Org Chart of Your Company?

How to add positions and departments?

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Step 1 :

Go to Company > Department, click [Add Department] in the upper right corner; first add the parent department of the company, enter the department name and department code, and click Save;

Step 2:

After all the parent departments are added, click [Add Department], enter the department name and code, and select the parent department just added as the parent department for it;

Step 3:

Click [Org Chart], and Workstem will display the superior-subordinate relationship between the various departments of the company, that is, the organizational structure according to the superior-subordinate relationship you set;

Note ⚠️

To edit employee profiles, if you want to define their Departments from the dropdown list, you have to create the Departments here first.

  • When doing your day-to-day operations (scheduling, attendance data, leave, payroll, etc.), you can always filter by Departments.

  • When doing bulk settings like scheduling and exporting reports, you can filter by Departments to quickly aquire the desired data for processing.

⚠️You can add your branch locations as Departments if your company is in the retail sector or catering industry.

⚠️You can also skip this step if your company doesn't have departments at all or come back when you need it for a quick test of the Workstem system.

How to add a position to a company/enterprise?

Go to Company > position,

Click [Add ] in the upper right corner, enter the position name and code, and save it.

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