With the Supervisor App:

  • As a system administrator (Boss / HR), you can quickly manage all employees in the company

  • As a supervisor / manager, you can manage all your direct reports in the company

Supervisor App Features Overview

  1. Prepare and assign shifts to employees

  2. Check attendance (clock in/out records, leave/absent/early leave status

  3. Approve leave and timesheet requests

  4. Generate dynamic QR codes for employee to clock in/out

  5. Add and edit Bluetooth beacons

  6. Supports 3 languages (English, Traditional Chinese, Simplified Chinese)

Supervisor App Download & Login

1. Download Workstem Supervisor App

You can visit this link to download Workstem apps.

iOS users can go into the iOS App Store and search for Workstem Supervisor app to download directly.

Android users can go into the Android Playstore and search for Workstem Supervisor app to download directly.

2. Supervisor App First-time Login

Before you try to log in, make sure that you have already completed email verification by clicking on the link inside the invitation email.

As a new user logging in for the first name, you must use email verification code to log in (process is similar to the staff app). After you successfully logged in, you will be directed to set a password for your account. This will make the logging in process a lot faster next time!

Staff App Main Features Guide


After successfully logging in, you will see 4 tabs in the bottom menu: Home, Attendance, QR Code, Scheduling, and More. By default, the app will open to "Home" and you can quickly check the following:

  1. Timesheets pending approval

  2. Leave requests pending approval

  3. Employees who have shifts on that day but haven't yet clocked in/out

You can tap into the timesheet and leave applications cards on top of the home page to check the application details:

  1. Leave application details including: date, time, reason, leave calendar, approval workflow, comments from employee, other approvers, and from yourself.

  2. Timesheet application details including: date, time, reason, other timesheets, approval workflow, comments from employee, other approvers, and from yourself.

  3. Both timesheet and leave applications support bulk approving so you can have an easier time managing all those employee requests.


In this Scheduling tab, you will first see a full list of all employees (supervisors/managers can only see their direct reports). You can use the [Filter] button on the top right corner to quickly find employees. 

Just tap on any employee to enter the "Scheduling" page where you can assign, update, or cancel the shift of the employee. You can:

  1. Create entirely new shifts or use shift template to quickly add shifts for the employee.

  2. Duplicate shifts based on person/shifts from a specific time period to another time period

Note ⚠️ 

  • Users with system admin / HR roles will be able to see a full list of all employees.

  • Supervisors / Managers will only be able to see a list of their direct reports in the company. If they cannot see their direct reports, then the system admin / HR need to go into each employee's profiles and set the "Supervisor" to the correct one.


In the "Attendance" tab, you can check the following information:

  1. Calendar (week view – can swipe left/right to change time period)

  2. You can tap on any date on the calendar to check past shifts and attendance records.

  3. Employees who are supposed to work on the selected date and their shifts, clock in/out times, and attendance statuses

  4. You can also tap into the employees and check more detailed information regarding their shifts (e.g. clock in/out time, location, and clock in/out type) and applications, like Leave application

QR Code

Supervisors/managers can use the Workstem Supervisor App to generate a dynamic QR code for employees to scan as their clock in/out record. You just need to tap the QR Code tab and choose whether it's for clock in or clock out and then show it to your employees.


Inside the "More" tab, you can do the following: 

  • Edit user information: update your name, profile photo and phone number

  • Update your login password

  • Change app language (Supports English, Traditional Chinese, and Simplified Chinese)

That's it! Now, have fun exploring and using the supervisor app according to your working habits!

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