Why Do You Need to Add Departments?

  1. Inside employee profiles, if you want to set their departments from the dropdown list, you have to create the departments here first.

  2. When doing your day-to-day operations (checking shifts, attendance data, leave, payroll, etc.), you can always filter by departments.

  3. When doing bulk settings like scheduling shifts and exporting reports, you can filter by departments to quickly filter out the desired data for processing.

Note ⚠️

  1. If your company is in the retail sector, you can also add your branch locations as departments here.

  2. If you only want to quickly test out Workstem or if your company doesn't have departments at all, then you can skip this step and come back when the need arises.

How to Add Departments?

Step 1

Under "Company > Department", click on "+New".

Fill in the "Department" (required) , "Code" (optional) and "Parent Department"(optional) then click "Save".

Step 2

You have successfully added a new department! It should now show up on the list.

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