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How will the expense amount be paid together with the salary/wages?
How will the expense amount be paid together with the salary/wages?

This article aims to illustrate how will company grant expense account to employees with payroll.

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Workstem can realize adding reimbursement to employees' salary through [Expense Claims] and [Payroll]. The specific setting steps are as follows.

⚠ Note: Before the settings, enter Expense Claims > Expense type: Check the expense types currently set in the system, and confirm whether all these types will be approved and paid along with salary after submitting the expense application, or whether only one or several of them need to be paid, which will affect the parameter values set by the formula.

Step1: Enter payroll > Settings > Pay item Settings ;

You can set the name of the pay item by yourself. In this article, "Exp" is used as an example. Set it as a rule only, select "income" as the pay type, save it, and click Next.

Step2: Go to the formula settings for the exp item. Here we will use the formula "GetExpenseAmount". You can find this formula in the left menu bar and check the formula description:

GetExpensesAmount('A','Expenses Type')

Function: GetExpensesAmount(' period type ',' expense type name ')

Cycle type: "A" represents the attendance cycle, and "P" represents the payment calculation cycle.

Name of expense type: it can be filled with "Transportation Expense" or others. If it needs to be included in all types, it can be filled with "AllType";

So GetExpensesAmount('P','AllType') means to include all expense types.

This formula is used to calculate the amount of all expense applications in the current payroll calculation period; Click "Validate Formula" after completion, then save and complete the formula setting.


Enter Expense Claims > Expense Application;

Add a new application for an employee. Here is an example of the application for expense type of printing and the amount is HK$1,200.


Enter Payroll > Pay run;

Add a pay run calculation and check the calculation result, then the expense amount will be granted with wages.

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