Purpose:Based on the comparison of differences, business managers can analyze the specific differences between this and historical salary income items and deductions to analyze the business status of the company and whether the salary distribution is reasonable.

The system check steps are as follows:

Step 1:

Go to「Payroll」>「Reports」>「Analysis of Wage Differences」>「View」.

Step 2:

Select content to compare, you can select the comparison benchmark and Comparison Item you want to compare. After selecting, click "Confirm", then the system will do the analysis of wage differences.

Step 3:

Enter Analysis of Salary Differences page, you can view Calculation Total Comparison,New operand this time,Reduce the number of operations this time,Calculate difference data.

Step 4:

You can also click on Calculation Total Comparison, New operand this time, Reduce the number of operations this time, Calculate difference data and will enter to the detail page. In addition, you can also click on「Filter」button to filter according to your own requirement .

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