Through the analysis chart of the salary of employees, you can see the proportion of employees in different positions, and understand whether the salary distribution of each position is reasonable. If it is unreasonable, you can adjust the company's salary structure system, control the cost of employment, and improve the business status of the company.

Restaurant M is a chain restaurant and as the manager of it, you need to understand the salary structure of it, timely adjust the salary of different departments and positions according to the data analysis chart, reasonably distribute the salary and improve the employment cost of the restaturant.

Step 1

Open [HR Analytics] > [Report Dashboard] and click the [View] button of [Pay Item Analysis].

Step 2

Select department through [Filter], and select position through [Group by], then you can understand the salary distribution of the positions within the selected department.


①This page provides a variety of filter settings to help you conduct more targeted analysis;

②This page provides case to help you better understand the usage scenarios of this function;

③You can manually select the analysis group to analyze the employee's position salary from the two dimensions of position or department;

④The system displays the top 10 analysis item of money amount by default, and the remaining items are displayed as others.

Step 3

For the salary composition of a specific department or position, you can click (① or ②) to view it.

If you need more detailed salary structure analysis, you can click the specific department / position displayed in the chart to enter the pay item analysis chart, and compare the salary details of each employee in the same position of the same department through the same pay item.

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