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Variance Report by Pay Item
Variance Report by Pay Item

Where to search data to adjust management strategy?

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Workstem provides professional human resources tools, and also supports HR Analytics. Successful operation of a company is inseparable from professional HR Analytics.

“Variance Report by Pay Item” aims to know about the operation status of a company in recent 1-2 month, and adjust business strategy in appropriate situation. By comparing the number of employees in this month and last month, employers can decide whether to hire new employees, and acknowledge whether the company is in good or bad condition compared with the same period last year. Through the comparison between this month’s salary and last month’s, employers can find out whether the employment cost is increasing or not. By comparing with the same period last year, employers can know a trend of the company’s employment cost.

1. Click [HR Analytics] > choose [Report Dashboard] ;

2. Workstem provides 3 types of reports;

3. Choose [Variance Report by Pay Item] > click [View].

4.After clicking [View], the system will automatically pop up “Reminder”, indicating that the system is in the process of data analysis.

5.After the analysis is completed, the system will automatically provide a visual analysis report based on the built-in data. The example is as shown in the picture:

6.You can move the cursor to view corresponding data according to your needs. The example is as shown in the picture:

7.If you want to filter functions, click the filter button. The system supports 7 items:





-Gender(Meal, Female, Unspecified)

-Join Date


Hope the functions mentioned above can help you in the work.

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