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Monthly Wages Dashboard
Monthly Wages Dashboard

Make the salary structure more reasonable.

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Purpose: According to the comparison of different salary items of this month and last month with the industry average, to see which salary item of the company's salary system is higher/lower than the industry average. If it is too high or too low, managers can make adjustments. Make the salary structure more reasonable.

The system check steps are as follows:

Step 1:

Go to「HR Analytics」>「Report Dashboard」>「View」.

Step 2:

Go to「Monthly Wages Dash」page , You can choose which specific compensation item you want to analyze. You can also select the desired sorting method (ascending/descending) and sorting options, including current month's salary, last month's salary, and same month last year's salary.

Step 3:

Click on 「Filter」,you can select the month, department, position, location etc. to analyze.

Step 4:

After filter, click the 「OK」 button, and the system will conduct monthly salary analysis according to the month, department, position,location etc. you have selected. In addition, after the analysis, you can click the 「Export」 button to export the report.

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