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The Fuction of Diffrerent Shift Template Types
The Fuction of Diffrerent Shift Template Types

Workstem can schedule employees on statutory holidays and take statutory holidays at other times.

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For example: restaurant M arranged a shift for employee A on July 1st, and changed to July 5th for legal holiday leave. How to set it in the Workstem system?

Step 1

Add different shift templates: Working day, Rest day, Legal holiday. Go to [Schedule] > [Shift Template] > [+ New].

Step 2

Go to [Schedule] > Find the relevant employee [Enter Employee Calendar] > Arrange the employee "Working day" shift on July 1st and "Legal holiday" shift on July 5th through the Shift Template list on the right side of the page.

Note: For employees who have been scheduled, you can arrange their shifts once again. After scheduling, click [Attendance] > [Overview] > [Calculate] > select the corresponding [Position], [Department], [People], [Duration] > [OK].

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