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Workstem system provides the function of importing historical salary data, which can quickly solve problems. The use of this function is described in detail below:

Step 1

「Payroll」>「Pay Run」> 「Paid」> Corresponding to the payroll rules and cycle, click 「View」to check the payroll items with incorrect statistics.

Step 2

「Payroll」> 「Settings」> 「Payroll Policy」> 「Settings」

Step 3

「Payroll Policy」> 「Edit」> 「History」> 「Import」> 「Download template」

Step 4

Template file organization

(Note: 1. Override = false should be changed to true. 2. If you only need to modify a few columns of data, the other columns can be deleted. 3. It is recommended that one cycle (for instance: 2021-07) is imported into one file and the same cycle If there are multiple ployees’ data that need to be modified, put it in the same file)

Step 5

「Select a File」> 「Do not import if there are errors」> 「Update duplicate records」> 「OK」

If there is no error in the template data, it will prompt 「Successfully Uploaded」.

If there is an error, it will prompt "Click here to download the error report", modify the template content according to the error report prompt, and re-import.

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