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Why I cannot delete the timesheet?
Why I cannot delete the timesheet?

Why some database can be deleted but some cannot?

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Some documents can be deleted directly in Workstem because they have no associated data and records. but if they have the function of participating in approval or calculation, they cannot be deleted.

The deletion function of workstation only provides the marking function which marks the current data as "deleted", and users can view the relevant contents of the record, such as approval information, operation information, etc

For example: timesheet deletion function

If you need to delete the wrong timesheet, you can just directly click the [Delete] .

After deletion, the status of "Deleted" will be displayed, but the record will still exist in the system. Although the records have not disappeared, the deleted records will not be added to the calculation when calculating the salary.

Note: the system can not clear the deleted timesheet in the list temporarily, but this will not affect the regular salary calculation.

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