If employees are late, leave early or absent from work, how to eliminate their unusual attendance status?

When checking [Attendance] > [Overview] > [Attendance Details], we can see the employee’s daily attendance details and status. When an employee forgets to clock in/out, it may cause an unusual attendance status. Then it will affect the calculation of payroll, such as “attendance bonus” or “late/early leave deduction”, etc.

If you confront these cases, here will have 2 ways to solve the problem:

  1. Employees apply through the App:

    [Employee] How to Submit An Overtime / Compensatory Timesheet Request?

  2. HR/Admin apply for employees through the Web:

    Managing Timesheets (Add, Edit, Delete)

As the screenshot below:

When the applied hour >scheduled hours, the unusual attendance status will be eliminated. And the late and early leave minutes on that day will not be counted.

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