Workstem system has the function of the schedule both on web and app. Managers can schedule subordinates everywhere by app , but in the real situation of some companies ,schedules are by designated supervisor instead of manager.

Eg: Andy is the manager, all the staff need to update him. Tutor is the attendance director , who is in charge of attendance and schedule. By default, when Tutor registers on App, he cannot see anyone on the roster interface, and is unable to schedule for employees.

We can make supervisors who only have the permission of schedule to arrange employees through the function of 「Authorisation Management」on App.

Step 1

Manger Andy registers Workstem on app, click on「More」 > 「Authorisation Management」 > 「Add Authorisation」.

Step 2

From「Authorisation Details」,click on 「Add」under 「Select Who to Authorise」, select Tutor who has the permission of schedule from 「Choose」list, click on 「Send Invite」.

Step 3

Supervisor Tutor registers Workstem on App, click on 「More」 > 「Authorisation Management」 > 「Received」,to find the one from Andy, then click on 「√」to accept authorisation.

After all the above steps, Tutor opens the roster interface, clicks on the right 「Select」button, from「Employee」 to choose 「All Subordinates」, then clicks on「Confirm」. After that, he can schedule for all Anddy’s subordinates.

If Tutor needs to schedule for another manager’s subordinates, just do the same operation.

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