How to unify the Management of Subsidiaries?
You can register multiple companies under one email address
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There are multiple subsidiaries under the company, and each subsidiary needs to use its own company name to file tax and MPF reports. As the head office administrator, how to manage these subsidiaries with different legal names?

Workstem supports one account to manage multiple subsidiaries. You only need to use the same email address to register different subsidiary accounts.

step 1

On the login page of Workstem, click [Start your 14-day free trial now!]

Step 2

Register multiple subsidiaries with the same email account on the registration page.

  • Company Name: the name of the subsidiary.

  • Name: The name of the administrator.

  • Mobile Number: The administrator's mobile phone.

  • Email: the administrator's email.

Click [Get Code] to get the verification code, and you can receive the verification code information from Workstem in the above email address mailbox. After inputting, click [Register] to register the company, and this email account is the company's administrator account.

If you have multiple companies, just follow the steps above to register multiple times.

After the registration is completed, return to the login interface, enter the email information and password to log in to the system, and then you can click the icon in the upper left corner to switch different subsidiaries.

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