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Complete Your Company Information
Complete Your Company Information

A complete company profile will make your account look more professional to your employees.

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When the user login to the Web system for the first time, they need to complete the company profile and information. It can help with the pay run process, taxation, MPF, etc.

Step 1 "Company" --> "Company", input Basic Information

Click into "Company" --> "Company" and fill in the relevant information on the Basic Information page.

There are four essential fields – System Display Name, BR Name, BR No., and Phone Number

  • System Display Name and Phone Number: By default, it will be the name and number that was filled during sign up. It can be edited multiple times.

    • System Display Name: It will be used as the account name and act as a nickname in Workstem. The name can be defined by users, but it is unique and can not be duplicated.

  • BR Name: Official Name registered on the BR. It will be displayed on official reports such as Payroll reports, Payslip, or Tax Forms.

If you need to register multiple accounts to manage employees from different stores, you can use different store names to register but with the same BR Name.

Step 2 Add Company Logo

If you have a company logo to add / edit, you can upload / edit through the "Basic Information" page. Workstem supports jpeg, png, jpg, and gif file types and file size must be below 5MB.

Afterward, don't forget to click the "Save" button to save your information.

Some information on the "Basic Information" page is optional to fill in. You can come back to this page to fill in the blanks when you need to use them. And those with Grey blank are the preset item. It is fixed to the choice you chose during the registration.

1. Region - This is where your company is operating and will affect how Workstem generates default data for your leave and payroll settings. You chose this region during the registration process and cannot be edited at this stage.

2. Time Zone - It is for setting the time zone for your time-based data and you can only pick a time zone within your selected region. The Time Zone will mainly affect:

  • Timesheet creation time and update time

  • Leave requests creation time and update time

  • Staff clock in/out time

3. Preset Data Language - This is used to set the language for system-generated leave types and pay items. You can choose English, Traditional Chinese, or Simplified Chinese.

4. Bank Info - This information is linked with "Payroll" concerned issues, mostly needed during Autopay.

5. Tax Payment Info - This information will be used to generate Tax reporting files for your employees.

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