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Process o Employee Termination

When an employee leaves the company, some dimission settings are needed in the system.

Terminated and Processing Termination belong to two totally different processes, therefore, the system has separated them into two stages.

You can view the [Terminated ] and [Processing Termination] in the [People] page.

Processing Termination

  • When an employee decides to leave or your company want to dismiss an employee, you can go to the system and make some dimission settings for that employee:

Step 1 Go to the Target Employee page

Click [People] --> Double Click the bar of the dismissed employee

Step 2 Proceed to the Termination process

Click [Terminate]

Step 3 Fill in the terminated information

Select the termination date and fill in the terminated reasons or any other reasons as (Notes), then click [OK]

After clicking [OK], the status of this employee would be updated to [Processing Termination].

Notice⚠️: for the staff in processing termination

  1. Can use Workstem One App as usual

  2. Staff names still display in scheduling, attendance, leave, payroll and other functions modules

  3. Can modify the employment and payroll information

Finish Termination

  • If the staff leave the company officially, HR has already finished the payroll and payment, then HR can go back to the system to complete the termination process for this staff:

Step 1 Complete the termination process

Enter [Processing Termination], find out the employee that you have finished all the dimission procedures, then click[Finish Termination] and the whole termination process is finished.

Note⚠️: After finishing termination, based on the labour legislation, our system will still keep the staff employment history files for your company.

Note⚠️: For the terminated staff

  1. Cannot log in the Workstem One App any more

  2. Staff names won’t display in scheduling, attendance, leave, payroll and any other functions modules

  3. Cannot modify the employment and payroll information any more

Rehire after termination

  • If considering rehire the terminated staff, there is no need to refill in the staff information again.

  1. You can first find out this terminated employee in the terminated staff column and then click into the [Staff Information] page.

  2. Click [Re-hire].

  3. Re-select the new joint date.

  4. This employee will return to [Employed] column, all the employment information is exactly the same as those before termination.


  1. Processing terminated employees will be still counted into the total number of the employees and charged by the system.

  2. Terminated employees won’t be counted into the total number of the employees and charged by the system.

  3. To avoid unnecessary changes, for the employee that has finished all the procedures and officially leaves the company, please click [Finish Termination] in the system for this employee and make sure the status has updated to [Resign].

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