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Workstem system and Xero system have been integrated and Workstem data can be synchronised to Xero system through simple operations.

The following instructions describe the specific process in details:

Step 1

Register a Xero account on Xero official website (https://www.xero.com). (Note: When registering Xero, pay attention if the selected region is: China·Hong Kong, then the Xero system supports only the U.S. dollar (USD) and Hong Kong dollar (HKD). If you need to support more currencies, you need to upgrade Xero.)

Step 2

Go to Workstem official website > Log in Workstem system > Company > Basic information > Bank account information > Currency code (take the Xero account registration area: HK as an example, you can only fill in HKD or USD here, if you don't fill in any Information, the default is HKD) >「Save」

Step 3

「Settings」>「Integration」>「Settings」>「Connect to Xero」

Choose Organisation > Workstem > Allow access > Pop up Success > CLOSE THIS WINDOW

Step 4

「Integration」>「Settings」>「Interface Detail-XERO」>「Account Code」

Click 「Account Code」 > 「Synchronize」 , Prompt Message for Successful Synchronisation

Step 5

Return to the「Interface Detail-XERO」interface > 「Settings」

「Settings」>「Type」> “+” > Fill in "Type name">「Submit」> "Save successfully"

Click the newly added 「Type」 (e.g:Income Additions) >「Pay Items」 "+" > 「Add」, select 「Pay Items」, 「Account Code」, select plus or minus "+/-" (usually "+"), Description (fillable or blank) > 「Submit」

You can also pull down to do the settings if necessary : Financial Accounting Mapping

Step 6

Go back to「Interface Detail-XERO」> 「Generate」 > Select 「Pay Run」> Click the button 「Generate」> Prompt "Data is being generated"

After generation, there will be one more corresponding record in 「Record」

Step 7

Enter Xero system and switch to Workstem Organisation > Business > Bills to pay

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