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Instructions for Xero integration in Workstem system
Instructions for Xero integration in Workstem system

Workstem and Xero have been integrated, and Workstem data can be synchronised to Xero system via simple operations.

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Workstem system and Xero system have been integrated and Workstem data can be synchronised to Xero system through simple operations.

The following instructions describe the specific process in details:

Step 1

Register a Xero account on Xero official website ( (Note: When registering Xero, pay attention if the selected region is: China·Hong Kong, then the Xero system supports only the U.S. dollar (USD) and Hong Kong dollar (HKD). If you need to support more currencies, you need to upgrade Xero.)

Step 2

Go to Workstem official website > Log in Workstem system > Company > Basic information > Bank account information > Currency code (take the Xero account registration area: HK as an example, you can only fill in HKD or USD here, if you don't fill in any Information, the default is HKD) >「Save」

Step 3

「Settings」>「Integration」>「Settings」>「Connect to Xero」

Choose Organisation > Workstem > Allow access > Pop up Success > CLOSE THIS WINDOW

Step 4

「Integration」>「Settings」>「Interface Detail-XERO」>「Account Code」

Click 「Account Code」 > 「Synchronize」 , Prompt Message for Successful Synchronisation

Step 5

Return to the「Interface Detail-XERO」interface > 「Settings」

「Settings」>「Type」> “+” > Fill in "Type name">「Submit」> "Save successfully"

Click the newly added 「Type」 (e.g:Income Additions) >「Pay Items」 "+" > 「Add」, select 「Pay Items」, 「Account Code」, select plus or minus "+/-" (usually "+"), Description (fillable or blank) > 「Submit」

You can also pull down to do the settings if necessary : Financial Accounting Mapping

Step 6

Go back to「Interface Detail-XERO」> 「Generate」 > Select 「Pay Run」> Click the button 「Generate」> Prompt "Data is being generated"

After generation, there will be one more corresponding record in 「Record」

Step 7

Enter Xero system and switch to Workstem Organisation > Business > Bills to pay

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