If you are using Xero for accounting and would like to push your payroll data from Workstem to Xero, we’ve got you covered 😀

The integration with Xero can be illustrated by the data flow diagram below:

1. Once connected to Xero, Workstem will create a Contact in Xero.

2. Workstem will be able to sync Account Codes and Names from Xero. Then you can map each pay item in Workstem to the corresponding accounts in Xero.

3. You can also select which pay items to sync. For each Pay Run that has been “Paid”, you can initiate the sync and a bill will be created in Xero.

To successfully connect to Xero and sync the data from Workstem, please refer to below articles for detailed steps:

1. Connect Workstem to Xero

2. Sync your Account Codes from Xero

3. Set Up Sync Types and Items Mapping

4. Sync Payroll Data to Xero

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