Now that the account codes and names are synced, you can start creating Sync Types to define what pay items need to be synced and map the pay items to the corresponding account in Xero.

  1. Go to Settings and find the “+” icon to add a new Sync Type.

Enter a new name for this type and press Submit

2. After a Sync Type is created, it will be displayed on the list. Next, you can start adding the items to this type by clicking on the “+” on the bottom.

3. For each pay item, you can to set the following:

Pay Item (mandatory): select the pay item in Workstem

Account code: map the pay item to the account in Xero

+/- (mandatory): define whether the amount is going to be positive / negative in

the bills when synced to Xero.

Description: general description for easier identification.

Once the information is filled in, you can press Submit to add the item to the pay type.

Note: You can add multiple pay items for each Sync Type according to your actual needs by repeating steps 2-3 above.

After the Sync Type is set, you can start Syncing the payroll data from Workstem to Xero following the below guide:

4. Sync Payroll Data to Xero

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