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4. Sync Payroll Data to Xero
4. Sync Payroll Data to Xero
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Before start syncing the pay run data to Xero, please make sure that:

  1. The account codes in Workstem are in sync with Xero.

  2. The Sync type has been set and pay items are mapped.

  3. The Pay Run has been marked as “Paid” or “Closed”

1. To Sync the data from Workstem to Xero, click on Generate on Interface Details Page.

2. In the pop-up dialog, select the Pay Run to be synced.

3. Click on OK to start the sync, and once it is done, you will see “Synchronization Completed" on the page.

The sync records will be displayed on the list.

In Xero, you will see the records under “Draft” status in “Bills to pay” section. (The amount is the aggregate amount)

You will also see the items on the bill being mapped to the account according to the settings in Workstem.

If department mapping is performed, the following data is displayed: The data is displayed by department

Congratulations! Now you should have already finished the set up and completed a data sync between Workstem and Xero successfully 😀

Still having problems? Feel free to contact us or refer to below FAQ:

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