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What Will Happen If the Confirmed Shifts are Deleted?
What Will Happen If the Confirmed Shifts are Deleted?
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The attendance hours will only be counted in the system if there are a shift schedule and clocking record. If there is only one of them, the system cannot recognize the attendance hours.

Under normal circumstances, we schedule shifts first, and staff clock in by staff App. If the staff has clocked in, and we find that the shift is set incorrectly, we must delete the published shift. What impact will it have on the system?

If you delete a shift with clocking data, you can find that the previously calculated attendance data is cleared when you view the attendance details in Time Attendance > [Overview].

However, the employee's clock-in data is still retained, and the previous clock-in data can be seen in the [Attendance - Attendance Data].

Therefore, after deleting the shift, schedule a new shift for the day, and click [Refresh]. The system will calculate the hours worked for employee according to the new shift.

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