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How to Bulk Import Clock Record?
How to Bulk Import Clock Record?
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If you have your own time attendance machine to clock in, or you want to import the previous clock-in data into Workstem to calculate the correct employee attendance, you can use the [Import Clock Data] function to do so.

The steps are as follows:

Step 1: Download the template

Click [Attendance] > [Attandance Data], click the [Import Clock Data] button, and click the [Download Template] link in the pop-up, and the system will download a template.xls file.

Step 2: Input data

Find the template.xls file and open it, input the clock data that needs to be imported into the file, save and close it.

There are three columns in the file: Employee (required), Time (required), and Type (optional):

  • Employee: fill in the name of the employee, if there is an employee with the same name, it is recommended to use the employee number or email address instead

  • Time: the actual time of employee's every clock in/out

  • Type: Two options - Clock-in/Clock-out - to mark whether the record is for clock in at work or clock out after work

Step 3: Import the template

In the [Import] pop-up, click [Select a File], select the completed Excel file, and press [OK].

[Do not import when there is an error]: If ticked, the entire table will not be imported if there is an error in one of the imported data. If not selected, it means that the correct data will still be imported when there is an error, and only the data will error will not be imported.

When there are duplicate records in the Excel file or the system, meaning the data of Employee and Time in the newly imported file is exactly the same as the existing data in the system:

  • Selecting [Update duplicate records] means that the newly imported data will overwrite the original data

  • Choosing not to [Import duplicate records] means that the system will not import new data when the same data exists

If it prompts [Successfully Uploaded], you can see the imported data on Attendance Data page.

If the error occurs, then [Error in importing file, click here to download the bug report] will be displayed at the bottom of the [Import] pop-up, click it to download the ErrorExcel.xls file and view the reason for the failure.

Common reasons for import errors are:

  • The format of the import template is wrong, Time must be in the format of date + time.

  • ​​Mismatch of employees' information, if there is an Employee No Search prompt, the data entered in the column of Employee does not match the name, employee number, or mailbox in the system.

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