Facial Recognition in Workstem system does not require every employee to have a smartphone to clock in/out, and this clock in/out method can avoid cheating.

With just a few simple steps, you can successfully set up facial recognition.

  1. Download WorkFace App from Google Play Store on the Android device being used for facial recognition

  2. Add clock in/out device

  3. Upload photos of employees

  4. Synchronize face database

This guide will introduce the above steps in detail.

Step 1

Download WorkFace from Workstem, and you are able to check Login the App with Workstem account > click [Setting] > check [Current Device ID]

Step 2

Add new device by clicking [Company] > [Device] > [+ New Device]

For [Device Type], please choose "FACE".

The [Device Name] will be displayed in clock-in /out record to show you which device is used for that clock data.

Input the [Current Device ID] as seen in Workface app.

[Restrict clock in/out to physical location]:

  • Yes: if you have multiple locations, then you can restrict this device to clock in/out to physical location

  • No: it means this device is not restricted to a certain location

Step 3

You can upload portrait photos of employees by clicking [People] > click [+] on the upper right corner of every employee

Step 4

You are able to synchronize the photo database by clicking [Company] > [Company] > [Synchronous]

After finishing the above steps, employees can use WorkFace App to clock in by face recognition on the designated devices.

There are 2 buttons in the page of clock in/out: One is for switching clock in/out mode. By clicking this button, employees can switch clock in/out mode or automatically identification mode. The other button is used for turning on or turning off clock in/out.

Similar to other clock in/out methods, we can check attendance data by clicking [Attendance] > [Attendance data]. You can clearly know what device your employees were using for clock in/out. The status of employees' attendance which is late, early leave, or normal can be detected in the system based on attendance rules and roster details .

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