For daily attendance management, Workstem supervisor app can help you:

  1. generate QR Code for staff to clock in/out

  2. look up their day-to-day clock-in/out status

  3. look up past clock-in/out records

Generate QR Code:

Open Supervisor App, tap on the QR Code button. The app will generate a clock-in QR Code by default. If it is for clock-out, tap [Clock Out].

Note ⚠️

The QR Code is dynamic and refreshes every minute automatically.

Check employees who didn't clock in/out

On the home page of the supervisor app, you can see the list of employees who have shifts but did not clock in/out:

For employees who clocked in/out

In the [Attendance] page, you can see all employees with shifts for that day. If employees clocked in/out. there will be clock-in/out time below their shift time.

Select and click into one employee, you will be able to see the shift information and all clock-in/out records of the day, including:

  • Clock-in/out status (regular/late/early leave/field work)

  • Clock in/out time

  • Clock in/out method

  • Clock-in/out location (detailed location shows up only for field work)

You can also filter which employees to show on the list by clicking on the filter button on the upper right hand corner..

Note ⚠️
For employees without shifts, you cannot see them on the home page list and attendance list but you should be able to see a complete list of all employees in the "Roster" tab.

Look up past clock-in/out records

There's a weekly calendar at the top of the [Attendance] page. You can look up any past date by swiping left/right or by pulling down to show a full monthly calendar.

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