Go to Workstem

Go to Payroll > Settings > Pay Items to add pay items for pay run

Tips: You can add up to 100 customized pay items

  • Fixed Pay Items: These pay items are calculated in every pay run

  • Variable Pay Items: For example, transport allowance,  telephone allowance, travel allowance, etc., these items are not included in every pay run. 

Fixed Pay Items

Step 1

Go to Payroll > Fixed Pay Items > Click on Edit

Step 2

Click on Add

Step 3

Select pay items and enter the amount

Variable Pay Items

Step 1

Go to Payroll > Variable Pay Items > Click on Add
Click on Edit and you can change the amount

Step 2

You can enter the name and amount, and select pay items and date. For now, we support to add/edit the information one by one. Also you can bulk import all the information via template

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